What the girlfriend thinks of my blog layout and more

Lydia at coffee
Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

The girlfriend [dp] didn't like the colours of the blog that I had up since the weekend, and so we've changed that around, to please the adoring public.  However she also wanted me to take down the ad content on the side, saying it looked cheap (or cheesy I can't remember which) but I've kept them up.  I need what little cash I can squeeze from the Google ads and other online revenue streams to be able to pay for Typepad, which while a very awesome service is also kind of expensive for a non-professional like me.

Today after work I've got to run from Seymour and Robson down to Stanley Park's third beach for the Metroblogging Vancouver Meetup [mbv].  Lydia's going to meet me at work, we'll bus down to my apartment and grab the Mini and then after a stop at Safeway to pick something up for the potluck.  Maybe a nice cheesecake.