The one where I work during my weekend and totally jump my BMX over rad jumps!

Typically today and tomorrow are my days off during the week. Monday is my fridays and Tue-Wed is my weekend. It's a crazy way to live my friends, when most people are kicking back with a beer I'm in a mall working, when most people are working I'm kicking back with a beer.

If I drank beer.

Anyway this week I'll be spending my weekend working at our new store on the corner of Robson and Seymour in Vancouver. Just trying to make a little money, and hit those sales quotas that are oh so important to someone like me who lives on his comish. Maybe this month I can afford to eat something other than tinned dog food.

Hmm... dog food.

Anyway this means my normally relaxing two days off get a little busy due to social events like the Metroblogging Vancouver Meetup [mbv], Lydia and me going to see the only French Canadiens in B.C. who aren't picking cherries and of course having to write my weekly article for eVent!. How will I manage?

Possibly by jumping my BMX over some totally rad jumps!