Maybe all I need is a shot in the arm

It's slow at work.  I'm pulling another shift at the Seymour and Robson store and Sunday apparently is not the day that people stream in here to buy cellular telephones.  At least I'm all alone so I can blog and surf the internet to pass the time, otherwise I think I'd probably go bananas.  I've got my Altec Lansing iPod speaker set, my iPod and the tunes to pass the time. 

Now if only I could fix these damn headphones.  They're now only working from the left ear.  This wouldn't be a problem if they were the cheap iPod headphones but they're very expensive $200 in-ear phones.  Hopefully I can fix them, because they do work if I jiggle the wire in the right way.  However considering I've had them over a year and use them on average of about an hour a day that's still a pretty good value.  The main problem is that I wrap them up, stuff them in my pocket and carry them around in there all the time. 

After work I've got a Whitecaps game.  Trouble is I forgot my ticket back at my apartment.  I've got an hour between work and the game, and it takes about 20 minutes to get back to my apartment if I hit the bus exactly right.  It then takes about 30 minutes from my apartment to the Skytrain and twenty minutes on the Skytrain, which leaves me with about... thirty minutes of the first half of the game missed. 


Damn and I thought about grabbing the ticket this morning too.