The one where I'm looking for a bathroom on the set of a Mark Wahlberg movie

997BGN_Mark_Wahlberg_022, originally uploaded by doodanny.

So one of our stores, the one that used to be on Pender, was moved to a new location on the corner of Robson and Seymour.  Since it's now in a high traffic area they're keeping the store open on the weekends, whereas before it was just the old M through to F for the corporate customers.  Anyway given the extra hours they're needing someone to cover the shifts on the weekend and being the guy who gets all the dirty work I ended up getting sent there for this weekend.

The store doesn't have any bathrooms in it, so we have to go into the office tower that the store is located in, and go up to the fifth floor to pee.  We have a keycard for access to the building on the weekend when it's locked up.  Trouble is that the card which is supposed to grant access to the fifth floor only grants access to the fourth floor where they're filming Shooter [imdb].  Shooter is staring that thespian of our age Mark Wahlberg, who I suppose won some cred with Boogie Nights and then lost it all with The Big Hit.

Plot Outline: A marksman (Wahlberg) living in exile is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to kill the president. Ultimately double-crossed and framed for the attempt, he goes on the run to track the real killer and find out who exactly set him up, and why.

Sounds wicked cool, right?  Anyway the story goes like this, the card only let me onto the fourth floor so the door opens and I figure I'll find a washroom somewhere on the floor.  I go and find a door marked "Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation" just like a real office.  So I went onto the set and wandered around looking for a place to pee, and never did find anything.  Eventually I had to go down Robson and ask to pee at a gyro resturant a few doors down.

Tomorrow I might go back with a camera and take some snaps, I switched back to my BlackBerry so I didn't have a camera on my phone when I needed it most.  Which in itself might lay the moral of the story.