My World Cup 2006

Earlier I blogged about where in Vancouver was showing the World Cup [jks] as I was filled with excitment, romance and wonder at the idea of watching England matches at a pub in the early hours on a misty morning in Vancouver.  However getting up and going down Denman to catch the games proved to be harder than it was to blog about them, and so I ended up watching all of England's game from the comfort of my couch.

While I managed to see all of England's game I did miss the bulk of the World Cup, following the scores live on the internet but only actually watching about a third of the games on television.  Contrast this with the 2004 World Cup where Cass, Delme and I would stay up to crazy hours to catch all the action live from Japan/Korea.  This year I was far less hardcore.

The final was on last Sunday and I had to work while it was on.  Thankfully the store was slow enough that I could take my lunch break to coincide with the extra-time of the match against France and Italy.  Standing infront of the Shaw Cable booth in Metrotown I joined about thirty others who were crowded around trying to see the action on one of their flat screen display units.  The sight of Zidane's headbutt, the subsequent red card, and the pelanty kicks once extra-time ended, divided the crowd.  About half of us, me included where cheering on France, the other half seemed to be going for Italy who ended up winning.

Damn Italy.  Oh well at least all of their major teams are corrupt as hell [gu].