Sickday and eVent! articles now online

I've lost my voice.  Yesterday I had a sore throat and today I woke up with no voice, which in a customer service / sales job is a bit of a problem.  I stayed home and slept but it's still not there.  I had a staff meeting, which I attended, and I was largely silent through the whole thing.

One productive note is that I've put a lot of the articles I've written for eVent! up on the web today.  They're all over at my writing site The End of the World [teotw] so go and check them out.  A few good ones to specifically check out is my article on root beer [teotw] and my ideas for new television shows [teotw].  Oh who am I kidding?  They're all great. 

Now to bed, and to hope my little voice returns.