Two metaphors for modern life

The last few Saturdays, with the exception of last Saturday when I was home sick with SARS [jks], I show up at work at 9 am about half an hour before the mall opens.  I spend this time sweeping the floor, and sometimes mopping it depending on whether it needs it.  Once I'm done, about ten to twenty minutes later, the next staff member shows up late and proceeds to do the exact same thing to no great effect.  One of the times when he came in (nearly) on time to see me doing this but proceeded to redo it once I was done anyway.  So now I just finish up and watch him do the exact same thing I just did.

I sort of feel like it's a metaphor for my job, a part of the creeping suffocation that's involved with working here.  I have maybe a year left, after that the job will drive me insane.  I might not have that long but I want to but I need to get my degree at UBC, and I need the job while I do that.  Once that's done then it's the job market for me, and while a BA doesn't offer what it once did in terms of employability it's something to get me away from here.

In less oppressive news Nathan and I hung out yesterday.  He came over after work and we walked up to Robson so I could buy my comics and we could have some dinner.  Then we drove around the Greater Vancouver Regional District in his new car (a Dodge Colt very similar to my first car) playing the music loud and making that wavey motion with my arm in the airstream produced by the car's forward movement.

We searched for awhile for a pub in Richmond that Nathan knew.  It turned out to be in a hotel I had stayed in during the Canadian University Press National Conference hosted by the SFU Peak years ago.  The Peak had promised Vancouver but delivered Richmond, which seems like a metaphor as well.