No relationship blog death

Lydia at coffee
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Travis on Metroblogging Vancouver used my blog as an example of how blogs begin to die out when the blogger gets into a new relationship [mbv]. So today I'm determined to prove him wrong and blog about something. Of course longtime readers know that there have been periods of quiet before this one, so Lydia isn't fully to blame. I mean she's managed to start a blog since we've been going out [iatl].

The pair of us headed to Kelowna my weekend, which unlike most weekends is Tue-Wed, where we stayed in my parents place and did some typical Kelowna touristy things. So that means no hanging out at the Sev to see if the Rutland boys are going to come down for a fight, but rather going to the Mission Hill wine tour, and going to the local newspaper to extort them for my paycheck.

Okay so the last thing isn't that typical of a tourist experiance.

Tuesday night we went to Mama Rosa with Chad and Kara [ttin] where we had wonderful pasta and chatted with yet another one of my now married friends.

Afterwars we walked along the lake walk that runs from the Fintery Queen to the Grand. It was windy so Lydia's ears started to hurt, so we made our way back to my car double quick and didn't get a chance to blow all of our money at the Casino.

The next day we slept in, then headed to the Kelowna Daily Courier's office for money making. Then it was off to Mission Hill [mh] for the tour and then back home for rest and full cable fun.

Lydia's so impressed by full cable, I think if I get it when I move into my new apartment she might keep going out with me. We watched Iron Chef America and were amazed when the other chef (not the iron chef) only finished two out of five of his courses and totally lost. Who did he think he was? Me during a math quiz? You can't suck like that and be on Iron Chef.

Lydia wanted to find a German resturant and because I kept saying that there were a lot of Germans in Kelowna, there are totally, she expected me to produce one. However I don't know of one, and after asking both Chad and my mother I still couldn't find one. So instead we went to East Side Marios, which is an Italian chain sort of like Montana's is a western chain.

Lydia consented to go to the chain resturant because she used to eat there back in Ontario and felt all nostelgic about it. Now if only I could get her to be nostelgic about White Spot...

Anyway that night I had to write another article and when I was done we made out like bandits, and sadly had to wake up at 6 am the next day. I'm still exhausted because I drove back to Vancouver and had about five minutes at the apartment before I had to hop in my Skytrain and go to work until 9 pm.

Right now I should be leaving for work again. I'm behind because I'm blogging... but at least the blog is not dead.