From Kelowna to Kalamazoo

This morning was a frantic scramble to get ready to go to Kelowna. I went to be last night not having prepared at all, and since I had training to sell the Rogers Home Phone today at 8:30 in Burnaby I had to be up at 6 am in order to pack and leave on time.

Of course I woke up at ten to seven, thus the mad scramble. I made it to the training on time, but I'm hoping I have a change of clothes in Kelowna and that the songs on my iPod are properly pleasing for the drive.

I'm in training now, but in about an hour I'll be picking up Lydia and we'll be off. Sadly our time in Kelowna will be limited, so other than dinner with Chad I probably won't be seeing anyone in town.

During the summer I'd like to come down for longer, and spend a week or so with Lydia just being one of those damn tourists that I spent my youth cursing.