My last Canucks game of the season

Canucks v Flames, originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

At the start of the season I bought a ten game Ice Pack from the Canucks, which gave me a random selection of 10 tickets to games throughout the season. The price (about $400) was good, and even though I've missed about a third of the games due to schedualing conflicts and the Canucks have had a somewhat disapointing season, I'm glad I bought the pack.

Tonight the Canucks are playing against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks [can], and it's the last ticked in my package. Though I'm going to be late, having to work until 7 at Metrotown, I intend to be there and cheer on the Canucks one last time.

The good news for the Canucks is that they have not lost while I've been in attendence all year, so that means they'll be picking up points tonight.

*This is a double post and is also at Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv].