Counting the days

1616 Bayshore Drive
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The bed that I use in Neal's apartment is fucked. It's a cheap IKEA bed, but for the first six months or so it worked fine. Then about a month and a half ago the wooden slats that the matress rests on fell through the bottom of the bed. Now anytime I sit on the bed it gets screwed up.

Laying on it is generally fine, except for the time Lydia and I tried to lay on it at the same time, but sitting on one specific area of the bed causes it to drop the matress and fall to bits.

I thought I had it all sorted out when I tightened the screws on the frame two weeks ago. It seemed to be working fine, until this morning when I sat up when my alarm went off and the matress promptly fell through the frame again.

I'm certainly not skin and bones, but I'm not so Goddamn fat that I should be unable to sleep in a normal adult sized bed.

So getting my new, non-shitty non-IKEA, bed is just one of the many reasons I'm excited to be moving to my new place (hopefully) in May.