Arsenal in the Champions League

The other day I mentioned that Arsenal despite doing poorly in the English Premier League this year were doing very well in the Champions League, which is a league for Europe's best teams.  They beat Real Madrid, which they were not supposed to do and now they've beaten Juventus at Highbury 2-0 which means unless the Italian team can pull a miracle off in Italy this week Arsenal are into the final four of the CL.

Here is a video of Arsenal goalscorer Thierry Henry netting the winning goal against Real Madrid in Madrid.  Watch the replay and Madrid's reactions, David Beckham seems mighty pissed off with his funny hair.

Then they played the Italian giants Juventus in London at Highbury, as I mentioned.  One of the greatest Arsenal players ever Patrick Vieira left Arsenal over the summer for the big money in Italy and this game was his first against Arsenal since then.  It was going to be his game to shine, to prove how much Arsenal lost out when he left.

Didn't work out that way though, did it?  In the replay of the first goal watch Vieira being tackled by Arsenal's Robert Pires (Vieira's the one in black and white who falls down), and then watch Vieira's young replacement Cesc Fabregas score a blinder.  And just to be safe Henry adds another one.