The questions answered

- WHERE: Vancouver, Canada - WHERE ELSE: Lived: Edmonton, Kelowna, Amiens (France) Been: London (UK), Paris (France), Australia, New Zealand and the US of A - JOB: I sell cellular phones and freelance for various publications - BLOG: That Ring of Confidence ( it's a personal diary style blog - BLOG: Being Geek ( blog I'm trying to start focused on comic books, gadgets and other dork loves - PAST LIFE: John Wilkes Booth - WHO: I met a girl on Craigslist and 3 months in it hasn't blown up in my face. I also have biological parents.

- PASSION: okay! - MUSIC: Seattle this weekend = Belle and Sebastian with the New Pornographers. Whoot.

- LAST MOVIE I SAW: mmmm "Trishram Shandy: a Cock and Bull Story"

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