St. Patrick's Day

Vancouver at night
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I think I should begin by saying that I tend not to care about most holidays. Sure I enjoy exchanging Christmas gifts, and I used to like dressing in a costume and going door to door for candy, but things like New Year's Eve, Canada Day and St. Patrick's Day never really turned my crank.

Whether in Kelowna or Vancouver these holidays mean that all the hot spots in town are packed with punters, and it's a chore to get in anywhere.

My typical plan for holidays is staying home, and avoiding the crowds, but that hasn't been the case this year. I went out on New Year's and I had fun despite the crowds because that's when I finally met Lydia. Valentine's Day was the same, as we walked in the cold though got lucky and found a nice Thai place.

St. Patrick's Day was a bit more of a debacle. I was grouchy because going out on a holiday isn't my scene, and then because we ended up lining up again and again at different bars. For the full adventure, including Lex Luthor, read about it on Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv].

Long story short we ended up at Milestones because Lydia was hungry. Then there was controversy because Milestones sells some world foods, read ethnic food, and apparently a non-ethic resturant selling ethnic foods is akin to killing hobos for sport.

I suppose it was unatural, enjoying holidays like I have been this year. St. Paddy's Day was only bearable because I got to spend time with Lydia, though I would have rather just stayed home with her and done something low key.

Maybe on Canada Day I'll convince her that hiding under the bed and waiting for it to blow over is the key thing.

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