Vancouver Canucks versus Edmonton Oilers ticket for sale

Canucks v Flames, originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

I have one solo ticket to the Canucks versus the Edmonton Oilers game at GM Place for Saturday the 25th [can]. This was the only time I was going to get to see my old team, the Oilers, work over my new team, the Canucks. Sadly it falls on the same night as the New Pornographers versus the Belle & Sebastian in Seattle [mbs].

I've decided to go to the B&S/TNP show in Microsoft Land, so my ticket for Canadian hockey goodness is up for grabs. It's a single ticket in the balcony section of the rink, positioned exactly like in the picture here. Though the players aren't so small in real life, and they also have more mega-pixels in real life.

Email me (jeffersimpson at mac dot com) if you want the ticket. I'm looking for cost of the seat right now, so there's no markup.