I go political and then blog about a circle jerk

Writing my weekly article for eVent! magazine last night I found that all of a sudden what started off as a humour piece may actually have actually ended up as a bit of a political article.  Which surprised me since I had previously dumped my first article, a letter from Stephen Harper to the Canadian public (where he calls us his peoples and says that he has a razor sharp wit to match the razor sharp part in his hair), because it could have been taken as being political.  If you're in Kelowna pick up a copy and see what you think, was I politiking?

Meanwhile at Metroblogging Vancouver I posted about attending the Northern Voice [nv] blog conference tomorrow and the next day [mbv].  I probably will blog a bit about it here, but I'll try not to turn this site into me participating into a big circle jerk that could very easily result from a conference of bloggers who blog about the conference and then blog about blogging about the conference.  And inware like a giant spiral down the tube.

Today I'm hungry and tired, but I'm a bit more cheerful and I've forgiven the internet for the sins of yesterday [js].  Still even though this is only my second day back at work from my weekend I want a few days off to wander around, do shit all and maybe take some pictures.  Ah well, one day.

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