I've made $0.20 blogging this year

Last year I made about $60 American with TypePad's ads users can put in the sidebar of their blog.  It was less than the yearly blog service costs but it helped to offset the cost and so this year I decided that I'd get serious about trying to at least break even with blogging and signed up for Google's AdSense service [gas].  If you look along the sidebar of all of my blogs you'll now see the Google ads that grace many blogs and websites across the internet.

So far since adding the ads I've made a full twenty cents American, which means that by the end of the year I'll be able to afford a candy bar or maybe a big bag of M&Ms'.  Hopefully since the ads are on all three of my personal blogs I'll start to see an increase in revenue as time goes by.  Especially since I'm hoping Being Geek [bg] will start to get more traffic once it's got more posts in it and starts to do better in searches. 

If you're reading my blog and see the Google ads take a moment to read them, and if a product that they offer interests you click on them.  Since the ads are contextual the ones on this site tend to be for blogging services and the ones on Being Geek are about comics.

Also I'll be re-adding my Amazon lists soon so that if you're looking for recomendations on the hottest music, games, movies and books you can see what I'm listening/playing/watching/reading and maybe even buy it via my Amazon store (in which case I get a small cut).

WIth your help I'll become the richest most powerful man in the blogosphere.  Without your help I'll be a blogging hobo.