Woz_jobs So recently I was reading the iPod fansite iLounge, one of my favorite sites, when I read a comment on a story by someone claiming to be Steve Wozniak the famous inventor of the first Apple computer, the co-founder of Apple along with Steve Jobs and the inventor of the Apple II.

Now typically when famous people post on these sorts of things they're not really themsleves, but rather people pretending to be famous people.  So seeing that I posted, "Because that’s obviously Steve Wozniak who just commented in the forum here, or maybe not so much." [il].  If you read down further you can see that it actually was Steve Wozniak, known as Woz, and later he gave a brief interview with iLounge that further confirmed that [il].

So I managed to call an Apple co-founder a fake online.  Which is somewhat an oops.  Not quite as good as the time that the producers of Independence Day and Godzilla yelled at Jeff Weston on the Godzill fansite, but surely more of a gaff on my part.