I predict a riot

Upturned car
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Dublin is rioting, and you can get information and updates Metroblogging Vancouver's sister site Metroblogging Dublin [mbd]. This is the view from the street, from the people there and not reporting from remote press rooms reading press releases.

There are reports of cars and buildings along Nassau Street being set alight, shops and cars being looted, and there are also reports of Pearse Street Garda station currently being attacked and set on fire. There also appears to be a concerted effort to attack journalists and photographers trying to cover the riots, with many photographers and tv camera crews having their cameras smashed, and RTE's Chief News correspondant, Charlie Bird has been seen running down O Connell Street with blood coming from his head.

The rioting was sparked by the yearly Love Ulster Parade, where Protestants march around the largely Catholic Dublin to proclaim how much better Protestants are than Catholics.

Now why did nobody think that might go wrong?

Edit: Currently (11:38 am PST) there is nothing on the riots on the CBC or CNN's websites but the BBC does have some information on it [bbc]. So this is sort of a scoop for ya'all.