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This was the second day of the Atkins diet. I didn't weigh myself yesterday, so I did today and discovered I am currently 213 lbs. 13 is an unlucky number, so hopefully I'll be able to lose more than that.

But not so much that I end up at 13 lbs total, because that's unlucky.

So while working on my article for eVent! I ate cheese slices since I didn't want to cook hamburgers. For lunch I had a late breakfast, eggs, bacon and sausage at White Spot.

This was after spending a few hours wandering around downtown Vancouver, stopping at Golden Age to pick up my last few weeks of comic books.

Afterwards I went out with Lydia and her friends from Victoria. We ate at a sushi place on 16th off of Main Street, and to stick with the diet I just ate sashimi with no soy sauce.

Exciting? Perhaps not. I'm hungry now and wondering if I should go to the 24 hour McDonald's to find something now, or try to go to sleep.

Edit:  Ryan pointed out below that it should be a 24 hour McDonald's and not a 14 hour one.

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