How Microsoft Word tried to kill me

Sorry for not posting for a bit.  I've been busy with work, having a girlfriend and buying the complete series of Star Trek: Enterprise on DVD [bg].  Girlfriend-wise Lydia and I hung out on Tuesday which was my day off.  She made me banana bread, which she brought over and we ate a bit of that.  Then she freaked out after taking a look at my cupboards and fridgewhich contained:

  • one box of Kellog's Mini-Wheats
  • one box of Kraft Dinner w/white cheese
  • one jar of four cheese pasta sauce
  • Kraft cheese slices
  • one package of beef jerky
  • one container of Brita filtered water
  • five cans of Coke Zero

She made me go to Capers, the natural foods supermarket a block down from the Safeway that I usually shop at.  There we looked at hippie soaps and I picked up some juice, some nuts and carrots to appease her.  We then returned to my apartment to watch the Forty Year Old Virgin before going out for dinner at the Mill.

Last night I went to my parents' apartment and watched hours upon hours of 24 with them, as we're trying to rush through the season on DVD.  One more night of watching should do it, so sometime next week I'll be done.

This morning I woke up early to finish up an article I was writing for eVent! magazine in Kelowna.  Happily Microsoft Word ended up eating the entire document and now won't do anything of any use for me.  All the words are so very tiny and very invisible, the only way I can tell that there is anything there is because the word count is still the same.  I fired off an angry missive to Jeffrey Weston at Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit and accused him of trying to tank my journalism career by his spotty work on the MS Office 10 for Mac.  I then wrote an article about being screwed over by Microsoft using Apple's Pages program.

So if you're in the Kelowna area this week that'll give you something to read.