The people you meet while in a mall

One of the interesting things about working in a mall is the number of people you meet whom you knew before. As one of the few public gathering places western culture has, the mall acts as a nexus and it's hard to spend as much time in it as I do without meeting familiar people. Yesterday it was Wynne [mbv] a fellow Metroblogger, and today it was Dr. Eric Nellis [ubc] my long time history professor from back when I was a student at Okanagan University College (OUC).

Dr. Nellis was always one of my favorite profs, even though he would kick at my legs whenever I dozed off in his class. He was ushered into retirment by OUC a few years ago, and promply got a job teaching at the University of British Columbia where he remains. We talked about the OUC/UBC transition that's happening in the Okanagan as BC's biggest university is slowly digesting my former university after eating it up recently.

Since he's still teaching history I'm anxious now to get myself registered in classes at UBC so I can finish my history degree and end my nearly ten year status as a student. This week I'll get the whole cluster-fuck that is trying to transfer from UBC-Okanagan to UBC-Vancouver figured out and rock out educmacation style.

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