A mole, digging in a hole

Georgia Street
Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

With my schedual all mixed around I've had no days off for awhile and I'm starting to get punchy at work. Today a woman asked to see a widget, took all the plastic protective wrap off of it and then deciding to buy it asked me to take another from the back so she could get "a new one".

I explained that the only difference between the widget in the back and the one on the counter was that she had yet to remove all the plastic covering from the widget in the back.

She replied that she could simply go buy the widget from a store further down the mall, so since I needed to sell more widgets today I relented.

So that's my life now, being a widget whore. A widget whore without a protective pimp.

I'm also starting to freak out because between work, sleep and girlfriend I haven't been able to do laundry or clean my room so there's now a pile of clothing ready to envelop my bed and there could very well be ninjas hiding in there preparing to karate chop me in the balls.

For my lunch break today I had shitty Chinese food, then bought a bag of popcorn, walked to the rootop parking lot that's at Oakridge and stood there blinking dumbly for about ten minutes trying to see if my eyes still worked in the sun.

They didn't.