I get the geek rage

Today I had to wake up early so I could walk to UBC's Robson Street Campus for the first day of Northern Voice 2006 [nv] the Vancouver based blogging conference that I'm attending today and tomorrow.  Maybe it was the walking to get there by 8:00 am but I just did not enjoy myself nearly as much as I thought I would

I posted a rant about the conference's major theme over at Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv], and how it just struck me the wrong way.  I guess maybe I'm used to Canadian University Press conferences which are, even the small regional ones, simply amazing.  This was well organized, and some of the speakers were real catches.  A few went over my head, or devolved into arguments about technical details between the speakers and members of the audiance, but it was the more abstract philosophical ones that sort of got my goat.

I think part of it was that today was supposed to be an open day, when people volunteered to do talks, and so it was less structured and the better speakers will be there tomorrow.  As it is I was frustrated enough with it that I snuck out early and went to see Goodnight and Good Luck at the Paramount Theatre (no not my Paramount Theatre).  Sadly while it was a great movie the getting up at 6:30 to walk to the conference by 8:00 am made me tired enough to fall asleep for a good chunk of it. 

I think I understood the main jist of it though, it was something about journalism.

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