Another best of seven series lost

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After Sean Tamaki won the last best of seven series [jks] I knew I wanted a rematch.  XBox 360, NHL 2007 and we were set.  He took the Sabers and I took the Oilers.  Best of seven.  Just like for the Stanley Cup.  It was on, it was deadly fucking serious this time.

I leapt out to a quick lead in the first game, Ryan Smyth notching two early goals to put the Oilers up.  I couldn't hold on however and Tamakia scored a late winner to put the game beyond reach.  That broke my team's spirit and the next game they barely put up a struggle, and I was down two to  games to nothing.  But we did not go quietly into that dark night, oh no.  Game three was won by the Oilers, but Game four was the Sabers. 

Heading back to Edmonton for a two game home stand we were in trouble.  Tamaki was up three games to one, so one loss and it would all be over.  I needed to win three games in a row, a display of near perfect video game hockey ability not rivalled since EA took out the wrap around cheat from the game.  It was not going to be easy, but if I managed it my name would go down in The Great Book of Awesome.

Game Five.  Edmonton.  Once again an early lead for the Oilers, this time we were able to hold on for the victory.  It got close when Tamaki started to peg me back goals, but a mid-third period flourish ended the Sabers hopes. 

Game Six.  It would be nice to say that I won this game, leading the Oilers to a dramatic game seven, leading to my eventual vanquishing of Tamaki.  Sadly I can't.  The game was close but in the third he took a two goal lead and even a fluke centre ice goal was not enough to get me back into it.  It was over, once again Tamaki was victorious.  Once again I was done like the dinner we bought from Pizza Hut.

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