For Christmas I'm getting superpowers

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Yesterday I went for a battery of tests on my heart for my tricuspid artesia [jks].  Typically I've gone to the hospital at the University of Alberta in Edmonton where I had most of my surgery done, but since moving to Vancouver where they have a perfectly good cardiac unit the trip back to the Chuck seemed a bit, useless.

As at the U of A the tests took up pretty much the entire day.  This time however there was one new test, a test they claimed they only have at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver and a few in Ontario.  It was fancy, and I think it might have given me super powers.

What they did was they hooked me up to an I.V. and removed from me a vial of blood.  My blood obviously.  They then mixed that vial in with a radioactive substance and injected it back into me.  This lets them monitor the flow of blood through my body.  First they just had me lie down.  Then they had me bike so they could watch the blood rush through my veins with the greatest of ease.

I figure now I should be developing superpowers in a few days.  Peter Parker became Spider-Man after a simple radioactive spider bite.  Maybe I'll see sound.  Or fly.  Or have poodle like reflexes. 

What kind of abilities do you think I'll get?

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