The television shows to watch this year

Originally written for eVent! [ep] magazine on 08/31/06.

Arrested Development is cancelled, Sopranos is winding down its final season on television and Murder She Wrote hasn't been on the tube for years. So with a new television season approaching what are the shows that you'll want to tune in for? Well thank goodness we've given you this handy-dandy little guide. Check local listings for show times and prepare for some fun emulating a couch potato.

CBC's Hockey Night In Canada

The playoffs last year proved that we're in a brand new NHL with Edmonton making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. If Edmonton could do it that means that almost any team can be a Stanley Cup contender in this new post-lockout NHL. Add to that the fact that the CBC's agreement with the NHL for live hockey might not be renewed, and instead bought up by CTV and TSN, then this could be the second last season for the show that has been a part of Canadian culture since 1952. So tune in to Hockey Night In Canada while it's still around, and while we still own it, because once it leaves the CBC things won't be the same.

Andy Barker PI

Andy Richter is becoming the King of the Failed Television Show. After Andy Richter Controls the Universe and Quintuplets both failed to translate his success as the sidekick to Conan O'Brian into a sitcom career, he's hoping that the third time is the charm. In fact Richter has become so well known for having shows be cancelled on him that his arrival as a guest-star on Arrested Development was a sure sign to fans that the comedy did not have much longer. Co-starring Arrested Development's Tony Hale (he played Buster) and produced and co-written by O'Brian this one just might last. The safe bet though as always with an Andy Richter show is to watch one of the early episodes before it's cancelled.

Survivor: Cook Islands

Remember when Survivor was must watch television? Watching that schemer Richard Hatch wander around the island naked and then eventually win the million dollars was such a unique television experience that it still stands out after 13 years. Subsequent seasons have failed to live up to the template left by that first one, but it's still some of the most compelling drama on television. Add to the controversial decision this year to split the castaways up into racial groups and it might just be time to give the show another shot.

Battlestar Galactica

One of best television shows filmed in Vancouver and one of the best science fiction series ever; nobody really gave this show a chance when it first came out because it was based on the campy 70s' series of the same name. Still three seasons in and BSG is one of the best shows on television, a character driven drama in space. Leave behind your Vulcan ears and feed Spot the Cat because you're going to get engrossed in this one. Make sure you pick up the first two seasons on DVD to get the full weight of what's actually going on.

The Colbert Report

The bastard child of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report has become one of the best shows on television. Funny, controversial and oddly irreverent the Report (pronounced like Colbert's name without the 't') is like Fox News on a sugar high. Having given the public new words like 'truthiness' and 'wikiality' the show is a cultural touchstone.

It's hard to do a round up of all the must watch shows on television. I've yet to mention The Office and of course The Simpsons, and already its time to go. Check your local television guides, check eVent! and checkout these shows to make the most of this upcoming television season.