I've fallen and so I went to Maui

Robsonsnow_1 Snow had descended upon Vancouver. Walking back after watching the new James Bond movie with Neal and MC at the Paramount Theatre on Burrard I took a snowy, icy Robson back to the apartment. I successfully managed to make my way down the Robson hill to the flat bit. However outside of the Blockbuster video I hit a patch of ice and was sent flying, landing flat on my back. My cell phone skidded across the sidewalk, though it didn't disconnect Lydia who was on the other end of the line.

Aside from my knee which was the first thing to have hit the pavement, and my back, nothing hurt or seemed broken so I gathered my stuff and headed on my way. That's it. The snow had worn out its welcome, transforming itself from a novelty to a nuisance in one fell swoop. It was time to get out of Vancouver and escape the snow.

Thankfully my parents had planned a trip to Maui, and I had decided to tag along. This planning had happened months ago, but it was a lucky coincidence that the departure time was the morning after I got fully tired of snow upon snow upon snow. Early in the morning I was at YVR and then on a plane to Hawaii [mbh].

Now there's no snow, though today it's pouring something fierce. An unplanned tropical shower is coating the island making it an inside day. Still it's a nice break both from snow and from work. Though sadly I've had a killer head ache since my icy fall, so I'm not fully enjoying it.

I have limited internet access here, and have largely used it to send emails to Lydia and do a bit of blogging at Metroblogging Hawaii [mbh] as well as to send off my weekly column to eVent!. I'll be back to the Canadian climate mid-next week. I'll try to blog at least once more while here, depending on something more exciting than reading a very good Neil Gaiman book happening to me.

Take care of yourselves and I'll see you soon.