My first Vancouver celeb story and it's not even that filled with sex, drugs or Scientology

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My brother Neal used to work at the Virgin Megastore on Robson Street. (It's since closed down and re-opened as an HMV.) He always had lots of really interesting stories about the famous people who would come into the store and buy things. Beck, David Duchovny and other names would pass through the store and that's not counting the on-site performances they'd do (like Sarah Vowell was there once).

Other people at stores I've worked with have served Canucks, including the Sedin twins and others. The closest I've ever come to someone famous was a Hamilton Tiger-Cat I sold a phone to a few weeks back when they were in town and I didn't even recognize him until I did a Google search on his name because I figured there weren't too many large African American men living in Hamilton and travelling around Canada. So I suspected he was a Ti-Cat but was not sure at the time.

Today though finally someone who I recognized came in, Ryan Dahle whose been in Age of Electric, Limblifter and played guitars on tour with Matthew Good [mg]. He was nice enough, but was looking for a different store so there wasn't much I could do for him other than point towards Georgia and say "That way."

Nowhere near as interesting as Neal's run in with Beck which including talking about the Coreys that used to rule the theatres in the 1980s.