Going down to Seattle: friends, food and fun

T_jackbig Lydia's done and gone blogged about our trip down to Seattle last week [dp].  She beat me to the punch, and left me with not a lot else to add for anyone whose taken a look at her site.  Still I'll try to drop a few words about the subject.

I had two days off from work, my weekend falls on a mid-week Tues/Wed combo as opposed to the more traditional Sat/Sun, and Lydia had gotten three off so we decided to head down to Seattle.  I had been wanting to see Jeff for a bit, and just fancied a drive.

Leaving Tuesday in the early afternoon we had lunch at Jack-in-the-Box in Bellingham.  Jack-in-the-Box is a wonderful example of good fast food.  Okay so the portions are too big, a medium there is the equivalent to a Canadian large or super-sized, but the food is actually really nice.  The Sourdough Jack that I had was really yum. 

Next we headed to Redmond which is the home of Microsoft.  There was a bit of tension in the car as I had a hard time finding it and went in the wrong direction down the highway at one point for about twenty minutes or so.  However thanks to some over the phone guidance from Jeff we managed to find Microsoft and Jeff.  He gave us a tour of his work, a tour which I've taken a few times now.  We got Halloween candy from some of his co-workers and then went to the employee store and museum.

The Microsoft Museum is a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be, and seemed to be more about current products than about the past.  For example the display of PDA type devices that run portable versions of Microsoft Windows was larger than any display of old computers or older versions of Windows.  At the store I picked up a copy of Windows XP to run with Boot Camp on my Macbook, as well as a remote control for my Xbox 360.

That night, Halloween night, we at at a Mexican resturant called Mamas that Lydia picked.  I think she was disapointed by it, but I liked it alright.  We then drove around and hit Trader Joe's where I bought some tea, pumpkin seeds and chocolate.

Image_mini The next day we had breakfast with Jeff, shopped around the downtown area for a bit and then headed back to Vancouver.  On the way we stopped at the outlet mall just on the outskirts of Seattle.  There I picked up a new winter coat, a very nice one.  It's one I've wanted since like grade ten when I first discovered Oasis and saw the stylish coat that Noel wore.

Sadly now I can't find a picture of Noel in the coat, but it's one of those sailor type coats with the wooden toggles that go through leather loops on the other side to keep it closed.  It's quite nice and I got a pretty good deal on it.  I've worn it a couple of times now, and it's very warm.  Holds the water though so I'll probably avoid wearing it on really rainy days in Vancouver.