The one where I lose a best of seven series

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Yesterday while at work I had to text message Sean to see if his store had a phone in stock. Our two stores are about a ten minute walk down Robson street from each other, and so if we don't have something we try to send customers to that other Robson location.

During the exchange of texts that followed the initial questions and answer we began to do what we always do and talk smack to each other until it was discovered that Sean had yet to play NHL 2007 which came out last month. I invitited him over for a little video game fun, and prepared to stomp on him.

See Electronic Arts has developed a new control system for the NHL series which came out this year. At first it's quite frustrating, especially since most players have been using the old one for well over 10 years now, and it took me a few hours to adjust to it. In our on going video game war I figured this would give me the edge and allow me to beat the stuffing out of Sean who would still be getting used to the controls.

After work I picked up Flying Wedge Pizzas and awaited Sean's arrival. When he showed up we started right into it, and the first game Sean won despite my total domination. I won the second game and then it went back and forth until the seventh game.

Like any good game seven it was tight, going right down to the wire. Unlike NHL post-season it ended in a shoot-out which I've yet to master. Neither had Sean and we had about ten shooters each take their wack at scoring before he managed to finally put the puck in the net.

He beat me!

That bastard. Just know this Tamaki, it's on next time. I'll be at training camp until the next time we meet.