The Jeffery Simpson web experience

If you Google my name this site generally comes up.  As the site that I've had the longest, and done the most updating it's the most relevant to Google since more outside sites link to this one than any of my other sites.  My older sites I've allowed to fade into the history of the internet, and if you manage to stumble upon one of my old Angelfire sites that I started in my last days of high school and my first days of university, then I pity you.  They're generally ugly, badly designed and because they're on Angelfire they're cursed with annoying popup ads.

This site [js] is my current personal blog.  This is where I post the day to day events in my life, like how I spent last night watching The Office, My Name is Earl and then The Daily Show at home.  It's not for everyone, and not everyone is going to find every entry interesting.  A post about how I got stuck in an elevator might amuse you more than a post about what I think of a new gadget.

The next site is the seldom updated site The End of the World [teotw].  Based both on a series of short stories I wrote during grade eleven, and the fact that I was able to get the domain name, the site is a like the wharehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the Ark is put amoungst thousands and thousands of boxes.  It's a storehouse of my past writing, not blog entries but short stories, articles published in eVent!, the Phoenix or other publications and other pieces of my real writing.

I then blog at Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv], along with lots of other people.  That site is specific to Vancouver life, what's going on in town and other Vancouver specific things.  I don't own the site I'm just an author (their word for contributor). 

Lastly I've started the site Being Geek [bg].  Here I'm going to be writing about comic books, I've already done one comic review [bg], technology, movies and other things that I geek out about.  It's very nerdy and already Lydia, who also won't let me wear a totally awesome Star Trek shirt that I bought at the science fiction museum in Seattle, is a bit scared by it.

The point of the entire thing is to have a place to post pretty much anything of value I write, and a place for readers to go when they want to read specific things.  Instead of posting my thoughts on the upcoming X-Men movie beside where I write about my personal life, you now have a place to go to just read about that.  If you want to read my short stories then you have a place to go to read those. 

On the side bar of all my sites, not on Metroblogging Vancouver, is a list of links called The Jeffery Simpson Experience.  These links lead to Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv], The End of the World [teotw], Being Geek [bg], my Flickr photo site [flr] and then also this site [js].