So this is Oakridge, now what have you done

It's common knowledge within the company that Oakridge [oak] is where the big sales happen, where heros are made based on the sort of sales numbers that would make Pythagerous reach for his slide ruler so I was keen when I was offered a chance to spend three weeks working at that mall instead of my usual Metrotown.  The money would be good, and with dollar signs dancing in my eyes I could imagine being able to put a swiming pool into the spare bedroom in my unfinished apartment.

Instead Oakridge has been slower, very very much slower, than Metrotown.  An less than spectacular day at Metrotown might allow me to do around $400 in sales, $300 would be a bad day and $700 and up would be a good day.  At Oakridge since getting here I've done $400 in three days and based on how today is going it doesn't look like that's going to break in my favour anytime soon.

Goodbye in apartment swimming pool.  Goodbye trip on Virgin Galactic [vg].  Goodbye sniffing coke off the belly's of hookers.

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