The date night plan

I think I've nailed down what my date with Lydia is going to be like, though we're still in the final round of negotiations.  We are going to dine at the Rugby Beach Club Grille [rcg] at around 8, after I get home from work and shower and take my work teeth out and my wooing teeth in.

Where the controversy is occuring is that I thought we should go see the new musical version of The Producers [re] after dinner, while she's wanting to go home and cuddle.  I'm all for cuddling but I think we as a couple need hobbies and interests outside of that and board games.  Well we'll see how it shakes down.

As for working at Oakridge, I'm bored.  It's busy enough but not as busy as one would hope.  I want to go home and go to bed, though luckily my days off have shifted a bit meaning that they occur tomorrow and Tuesday as opposed to Tue/Wed.