Elevator go down the hole

7:33 pm - Sunday January 22nd

So right now I'm trapped in an elevator.  It's been over an hour and I'm still trapped in here waiting for someone to come and let us out. Thankfully I just watched the Six Feet Under Episode where the guy gets cut in half trying to escape from an elevator so I'm not going to be going to try any of that Die Hard shit.

Now there's a guy who I think is on the roof trying to free us.  Or he was, now he's telling us he can't and that we'll be trapped for awhile longer.

There's no cell phone reception in the elevator, so this post won't get out until I'm freed.  However if I starve in here then hopefully when they exhume my corpse they'll send this email out.

I'm not quite sure how this is going to affect my planned date with Lydia, since I was supposed to be picking her up in less than ten minutes from now.

7:50 pm

Lydia is going to take me to boyfriend divorce court.

7:53 pm

Neal observed that, "This would never had happened to Jon Voight."

7:56 pm

Neal is dividing up the elevator into rooms since it's our new home. The left back corner is the bathroom, and I'm standing in the den now.

8:00 pm

Neal has to go to the washroom. He's wanting them to pass a tube down to us so that he can use it for urine until the building manager gets here with whatever magic tool he needs to use to free us.

8:05 pm

Officially and for reals late for picking up Lydia, we're now arguing over how Jon Voight died in Anaconda. Neal insists he winked at the camera just as the giant CGI snake was about to eat him and I call bullshit on that.

Sounds now of men at work above us.  Is this our rescue?  I've broken out the breath mints in place of dinner at the Rugby Club that I should be sitting down to.

Now freedom.