Sunday night is date night

Lydia and I are going on a proper date tomorrow, since we've only really had two of those so far.  Our first was when we first met on New Year's Eve and the second one was the night we decided to go steady (to use the 1950s words).  Other than that we've just sort of been doing the hanging out thing, either playing Trivial Pursuit with my friends or her roommate or playing other random board games with her BCIT pals.

So we've had three nights of board games versus two nights of dates.  By any standard that's a bit sad.  So as I said we're going out for a real date.  She had some resturant she wanted to go to as part of Eat Out Vancouver, but it was all booked up.  I suggested the Rugby Beach Club [fv] (since I was such good friends with rugby players in high school I'd love to try their cusine) which I've heard Neal and MC speak highly of.  I was hoping she wouldn't have been to it, so it would have been a novel surprise the way our last date was.  Anyway I plan to have it be a novel surprise for me, even if she's board stiff by the Rugby Club.*

*She says she won't be, but she'll know where the bathrooms are, which puts her at an advantage to me.