An interview with me

I recently highlighted a series of interviews that were going to be occuring with Vancouver based bloggers [mbv]. Turns out I was the first blogger to be interviewed and that interview is now up [van]. It's the first time I've been interviewed when not applying for a job, and certainly the first pubic interview I've done. I'm interviewed by myself all the time in the shower, but those interviews generally are just sort of promotional fluff pieces like you'd normally see on Oprah or Inside Hollywood Tonight.

Me: Jeffery why are you so awesome?

Me: What an awesome question, you're a great interviewer.

Me: Thanks, but back to the question.

Me: Well I think I just happen to have a lot of heart, and a bit of moxy.

Anyway check out the interview and mock me for how pretentious I sound, and for how many times I mention Matthew Good [mg] because looking back on it it's a lot. And I didn't even mention my the giant Matthew Good statue I felt compelled to make out of mashed potatoes one night at dinner while yelling, "This means something!"