The Holidays start to wind down

Now I realize the holidays aren't officially over until the children return to school, but the act of taking down the Christmas decorations at work today was a nice way of calling time out on the holidays and moving on to 2006.

This year it hasn't really felt like there was a "holidays" for a few reasons.  First I'm still adjusting to the Vancouver weather.  With no snow and no real winter to speak of, I'm wearing in January the same coat that I was wearing in September, it's hard to get the festive spirit. 

Second since I'm not currently in school there's no big push towards ending a semester and getting a few weeks with no classes. 

Third it's been a fairly friend empty season.  Typically the weeks on either side of Christmas is when everyone drifts into Kelowna, like tumbleweeds across a movie screen in a western.  This year other than a short visit from Graham on a stop-over between Japan and Kelowna I didn't see anyone.  Chris was in town apparently [cs], Michelle called me from Calgary and Karen sent me an email [kc] to which I have yet  to reply.  I also missed the yearly RISK game [js].

Still it's nice to see the end of the holidays.  Hope your were good.