One foot in front of the other, two steps back

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I got back from Seattle [mbs] last night after spending a two days with Jeff. After our pool night [jks] we spent the next day going for breakfast and to the Science Fiction Museum which is by the Space Needle. After that we tooled around downtown for a bit before I drove home.

Once I got home I had enough time to change before I went out and played some Trivial Pursuit at Ryan and Ashley's place. Lydia came and it was the first time that anyone other than my brother and his girlfriend got to meet her. Though I haven't recieved her report cards from everyone I think she did okay.

She did alright by me anyway, especially when the pair of us teamed up to play one of the most dominating games of Trivial Pursuit I have ever seen. We started off a bit shaky but we managed to string together a wonderful run that included knowing what software company was named after a lacross cap (Red Hat) and the name of Iman's makeup line (Iman).

Today though has been less triumphant. I've been fluish all day, and got to work to find that while I was in Seattle I'd had a customer return two phones so I started the day two phones down. I quickly made that up, but then had one of those phones come back but then sold another one, so I'm sort of at a stalemate for the day where I haven't actually done anything but I've been working all day.

Urg and I have to take the Skytrain home.

The whole thing is a load of crap, and if I feel like this tomorrow I'm staying in bed. I also have no clean laundry because I used my laundry days to go to Seattle.

I also registered for Northern Voice 2006 [nv] a blogging conference being put on in Vancouver. There was some talk of me speaking on a panel discussion about city blogs based on my work with Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv] but that's just talk at this point.

Northern Voice seems a lot like a Canadian University Press [cup] conference but with less vomitting.  Should be fun.