It's late and I'm watching a recorded episode of The Daily Show.   I realize I haven't been blogging as much this New Year at least not here.  I've been busy at Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv] but since I've had some news that required a longer post to bring the good word to the peoples I waited, biding my time until I had a few moments to write in detail.

I have been single for a long time.  Back in high school when every one learned more about dating, girls, boys and that aspect of life I sort of missed out.  I certainly wasn't asexual, but the few crushes I did have never seemed to reciprocate my feelings causing me to write bleakly depressing short stories [eotw].

Aside from a collection of somewhat amusing dating stories, I really didn't gain a lot of experiance in university and so it's this odd weird thing that I find myself catching up on some of what I'd been missing out on [js] now that I find myself with a girlfriend [mbv].

I put an ad up on Craigslist [clv], which is a sort of online newspaper classified section, because I'd found it hard to meet new people in town.  Lydia emailed me back and after a few tentative emails back and forth she asked me to meet her for New Year's Eve at the Railway Club [mbv].  We met outside the club, but she hadn't managed to get tickets, eventually we ended up at a faux-Newfie bar downtown and I rang in the New Year as one of her friends poured a full beer into my lap.  The night ended fine though and after another date we decided since we both seemed to like each other we should try being a couple.

It feels odd, to have a girlfriend and in a rather quick manner.  She's coming over to Ryan's house this week to join our latest Trivial Pursuit match [js] and other than Aaron who knows a very little bit about her, nobody knows anything about her other than what I said about her in my email setting the game up which was:

...We'll whip it together, bring your own beers and then you can all meet Lydia who I'll bring and who happens to be my girlfriend.  I'll also bring the TPS board, we'll play until someone (me) wins and other people (you all) cry.

So you see they know not a whole lot.  I'll try to tell you more dear reader, but it's late and my eyeballs are sore and I'm planning on driving down to Seattle tomorrow to see Jeff [mbv].  Take care you all, and don't let me news rock your world too much.