Time enough for sleeping when we're dead

Having stayed up for New Year's Eve until the hours of the morning when even God is sleeping, the physical act of dragging myself out of bed, through a shower, into my car and to Metrotown to open the store should win me a gold medal in the upcoming Olympics.  I don't give a shit if you can ski and fire a gun on alternating turns, I'm at work on New Year's Day.  My iPod is playing the U2 1989 New Year's Eve show at the Point Depot in Dublin to help me through the day.  Thank you iPod, you know what I need.

The most accurate description of what I did last night can be found at the Vancouver Metroblogging site [mb] but maybe when things aren't quite as tentative maybe I'll give you a more detailed version of the events.  I'll just say that it's really odd to be doing, and learning the sorts of things everyone else seemed to have gotten figured out back in high school or early college.