A year in twelve stanzas

Both Vanessa and Chad have already done this so I might as well be a follower and bend to the peer pressure.  Essentially what they did was take a sentance from the first post of every month from 2005 to do a year in review.  I'm more verbose than that so I might use more than a single sentance.

January 3: 2005

Blogy:  You've been avoiding the internet haven't you?

Jeffery Kelly Simpson: No.

B:  Just me then?

J:  Yeah, I guess so.

Ferbuary 3: 2005

On another note Beck has a new EP out on the iTunes music store. It's more rap / hip hop than his last disc Sea Change.

March 12: 2005

My left ear no longer hears so good, and I'm getting an on and off ringing in it which is pretty fucking annoying.

April 1: 2005

"Forget learning to talk Kyle you've got to work on your scales!"

May 4: 2005

Things at work go in cycles, and today was the “what do you mean I need to have the original packaging” day.

June 2: 2005

So on what will end up as about four hours of sleep I'm going to a) write a multiple choice exam (an exam that my powers of bullshit will be useless), b) write two articles one of which will require actual research and the other will require me to be as funny as I used to be, c) get the insides of my car cleaned out and d) get a haircut.

July 1: 2005

(On the X-Men movies) I think Bryan Singer took a comic that could have been a real fiasco translating into a film and made it both an exciting action movie, but a character driven film too which reflects the spirit of the comic book.

August 2: 2005

Two things quickly for now.

September 2: 2005

Trouble was instead of assuring me a pleasant night of sleep I ended up having about an hour of crazy dreams where because I'd watched a documentary about the war in Iraq called Gunner Palace I under the impression that I had been wounded in Iraq and was dying. That lasted about an hour, leaving me the rest of the night to watch CSI: Miami and throw up.

October 6: 2005

As I write this to you I'm watching Anson Carter get pinned to the boards by a lug in a Flames uniform. I'm in GM Place, an arena that we've had two great experiences.

November 2: 2005

Nathan came over a bit after one and we watched a saved episode of the Daily Show from last night and then hit the road.

December 1: 2005

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