The greatest team

Gretz85lI've been watching the Edmoton Oilers playing agains the Flyers in game five of the 1985 Stanley Cup Finals today.  It's amazing how good that '85 oilers team was.  Gretzky, Coffey, Messier, Kurri, Anderson and so many more.  They're killing the Flyers 7 - 1 and it's still only the second period.  I think this is the last game of the playoffs, because frankly there's no way the Flyers are coming back at this point.

Gretzky has scored a goal and nothced three assists.  Coffey has scored two and has one assist.

It's scary how good the Oilers were during their heyday in the '80s.  It's even scarier when you think that the second best team in the world was the Calgary Flames.  How in the world did the two best professional hockey teams happen to be based in Alberta?  That's never going to happen again.

Though it would be brilliant if it did.

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