Metroblogging happenings

There's always stuff going on at the Metroblogging Vancouver site.  You might for example enjoy a little bit of my geek rage / geek orgasm at seeing the first trailer for X-Men 3.  I've blogged about the movie before, and it seems like my complaints with the script still remain valid this late into production.

Does disaster loom for the fanchise?

At least they've nailed down a good Kitty Pryde, after going through every nearly known actress in Hollywood they've settled on Ellen Page (no not Karen Page, that's another comic).  She looks a bit sullen in this picture but it was the best Google could give me on such short notice.

Also while you're at MBV why not cast your vote in our fist annual Best of Vancouver Poll?  Winners get the prize of knowing that they are in the majority and being part of the crowd is cool.

Meanwhile I've finished off all my stuff for eVent! until January.  Which means I'm back down to one job, two blogs and zero social life for the holidays.  Good some time to relax.