6 cover songs to rock your world

With the release of the White Stripes' cover of Tegan and Sarah's "Walking With A Ghost" I was thinking about cover songs.  Cover songs are when an artist takes a song written by another artist.  In case you didn't know.

"Champagne Supernova" / written by Oasis and covered by Matt Pond P.A.

This cover of one of Oasis's best songs doesn't stray too far from the original, but if you're one of those crazy people who can't listen to Liam sing without throwing up in your mouth, then it's definitly a good thing that you no longer have to deprive yourself of this track that Matt Pond P.A. covered for one of the five zillion The O.C. soundtracks.

"Such Great Heights" / written by The Postal Service and covered by Iron and Wine

Like most of the songs on the list I really love the original more than the cover but ironically I discovered the cover first.  Appearing as a track on the excellent Garden State soundtrack Iron and Wine's folky version of the indie dancefloor love-in that is "Such Great Heights" is a classic.  If you haven't heard the first grab that one too.

"The Scientist" / written by Coldplay and covered by Amiee Mann

This is one of the few tracks on this list that made me want to go back and re-discover the original.  As it stands it's my favorite version of this song, and I now can't hear the Coldplay original without thinking of Mann's take.  From her bonus disc of the special edition of her Lost In Space album.

"North and South of the River" / written by Christy Moore and covered by U2

I've actually never heard the original tack, only the U2 cover version.  It's a wonderful slow song and as good a song about living in a divided nation as the group has done and for a band with "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" and "Please" in their back catalouge that's saying something.  This was covered as a B-side on their "Starring At The Sun" single during their Pop album.

"Get Down Make Love" / written by Queen and covered by Nine Inch Nails

Even without the audio clips of people fucking that  Trent Reznor spliced into his cover of the Queen song NIN's take on the track sweats sex from its very pores.  If you ever lose your virginity consider doing it to this track.

"Enjoy the Silence" / written by Depeche Mode and covered by the Matthew Good Band

Just removing the three solid minutes of silence/ambient noise that ends the album version of Depeche Mode's original was going to make a cover version of one of the '80s group's best songs a strong candidate for this list.  That band leader Matthew Good has an obvious affinity for the song, and the band rip through it with such aplomb it's a definite must listen.  This cover was only on a limited edition ep (Lo-Fi B-Sides) released years ago and impossible to find.  Luckily for you it's on Good's new best of album In A Coma.