Anyone want to hit the Seattle Comicon?

Year4artwork In trying to plan myself a vacation for some point in the new year I was looking at upcoming comic conventions.  I am thinking of maybe hitting the San Diego Comic Con in July which is the major convention but it was a smaller low-key event that caught my eye.  The fourth annual Emerald City Comic Convention (or Comicon for those of us who speak Geek) is being held April 1st & 2nd. 

Guests include the always great Brian Michael Bendis (writer: the New Avengers, Powers, Ultimate Spider-man, House of M), Tim Sale (artist: various DC titles), Scott Kurtz (PVP) and more.

This wouldn't be my holiday that I'd like to plan, just a short jaunt south of the border for a few days.  Hit up on Jeff Weston for hospitality and rock geek out in Vancouver's twin city on the Pacific.  Maybe even try to scam autographs from my fellow Metrobloggers at Metroblogging Seattle.