The Canucks


When I decided to make the transition to being a Canucks fan I must admit I was expecting to be jumping onto a fairly succesful team's bandwagon. Granted I know they're never going to win a Cup but really the only Canadian team that has any chance of that is the Leafs if they stop trading for the NHL's oldest players.

Still what I expected was a certain amount of comedy goaltending mixed with exciting offence, two rounds in the playoffs and the odd stomping of Calgary. I wasn't expecting Nausland to win scoring titles or even a serious playoff run, I mean fuck I'm suppoprting a team where the loss of Dan Cloutier is considered a "bad thing", so don't say I'm being unrealistic or only wanting to root for a winner but come on.

It's interesting that at this point after Marcus the Canucks' highest scorer is Carter a former Oiler. It's interesting because the Canucks need to be more like the Oilers. They need to play to win every game as though it were the seventh of the Stanley Cup.

One of the reasons Dallas never established a dynasty of note during the 90s' was because every year in the first round like clockwork they'd meet Edmonton and while they'd win in six or seven they'd be totally destroyed physically after what amounted to a war on ice.

Anson Carter just scored at the game I'm at to bring the Canucks level with the Flames. The team needs Ryan Smyth, someone who would eat your soul and destroy your family to win. Other than Linden the team seems too... I don't know but their attention span isn't the greatest is it?

They can't hold a lead like a team of their caliber should and it's not all Auld's fault. Now minutes after Carter's goal it's 2 - 1 for the Flames thanks to a defence that on paper should be solid. This is not the same Flames team that reached the Cup final they can be beaten.

Delme, dear poor Delme, after a mere few months my sympathy for your condition as grown by leaps and bounds. As an Oiler fan I had memories, and Wayne Gretzky who was as close as pro sports ever came to bringing back Jesus because he was incredibly talented and not a total prick (like Bure). As an Oilers fan my team, after the Gretzky trade, was always better than they should be for their payroll and the players they had.

As a Canucks fan I've got a stupid guy in a killer whale suit and a team that should be better than they are.

Delme what have I gotten myself into?

- Jeffery Kelly Simpson

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