I have spoke with the tongue of angels: an athiest at Christmas

Growing up in a non-religious household Christmas for me has always been more about Santa Claus than Jesus.  Still despite all the annoying music, the completely all enveloping Christianity that is either overt (baby Jesus in front of City Hall) or more overt (people complaining about no baby Jesus in front of City Hall and how Christians are persecuted in the War on Christmas) and the eventual family drama that involves crying and shouting, Christmas is a pretty cool time.

Granted Santa has bribed me into believing that, and I'm sure if I weren't being paid in prezzies the entire three ring circus would end up being more trouble than a turkey dinner is really worth, especially given that I see my family every week.  Having said that I am being bribed by the consumer electronics lobby and Santa so from me to you, have a very merry Christmas.