Flock test #2

This is a second test of the browser Flock.  I'm trying to see how well it works for being able to write, edit and post entries to my blog and to the Metroblogging Vancouver site through the built in blogging tool in the browser.  My first attempt, which included dragging and dropping a picture from Flickr was pretty horrible. 

I'm just trying to find and stick with one browser at home.  I can't help that I have to work on the terrible Internet Explorer at work, but at home I want to be on one at a time.  I'd stick with Apple's Safari but it doesn't give me the option of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing for my blog posts on TypePad.  Firefox does but it doesn't allow me to sync my bookmarks between my Powerbook and my iMac the way Safari does. 

Flock, which uses del.icio.us links seems to solve both problems, especially if this blogging tool ends up working well.  So time to hit the publish button and see how it goes.

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