You've got that JiveSlide

Sampleslideshow1 A bit more than a week ago now I got an email from a fellow who claimed to be the President of a company that makes a cool new software application for the BlackBerry phones.  Eric Dewhirst emailed me out of the blue after reading on this blog that I'd picked up a BB 8700r saying that his application JiveSlide was what I was looking for.

Well it wasn't, but only because I didn't know something like it exsisted.  Once I read up on it and with some help from Eric got it set up on my 8700 I realized it was what I'd been wanting all along.

What it does is is addresses one of the problems with the BlackBerry while playing to its strenghts.  The 8700 has a beautiful colour screen, great for looking at photos, the only trouble is to load photos onto it you've got to email them to yourself, and then save them into the phone's memory.  The memory isn't that big, so you can't exactly fill it up with your library unless you've got a really small library of photographs.

What JiveSlide does, and it does it very well, is it connects your BlackBerry with your Flickr account so that all of the photographs you've stored online in the photo storage community are easily accessed nearly instantly from the phone.  You can view the pictures individually or go through a slide show of your different albums.

The only draw back if you're not on an unlimited data plan is that everytime you access your photos you will be using data bandwidth.  Speedwise this isn't a big deal since with EDGE the 8700 is quick, but it you've only got a limited amount of megs in a month this could eat them up fairly quickly.  Still I'd always recomend an unlimited data plan anyway.